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Interior Design Services

Contact Liz to book your free consultation and complimentary design brief on 01525 261478

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Free initial design consultation and complimentary design brief

This first meeting lasts about an hour, where ideas and the scope of the project are discussed. Following the meeting a design brief is sent to you, outlining creative ideas for your scheme going forward. This can then be discussed in more detail, if you wish to go ahead.

Design report, mood and sample boards

The second meeting is where the design brief is clarified and a full design report will be produced if necessary. Over the next couple of weeks a mood board is created, including images, paint colours and fabrics to help you visualise the new scheme and to show that your requirements have been understood. The report and mood board provide a useful reference point and move the project onto the next stage. Alternatively you may decide these are all you require to continue - a small fee will then be charged to leave these with you.

Budget estimation and project scheduling

Once the initial design has been agreed, a budget estimate is produced detailing any decoration, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories needed for the project. This will include the design fee and any product sourcing costs. A timescale for the project is then drawn up ready for contacting contractors to undertake the work.

Space planning, room layouts & lighting plans

Space planning is a valuable tool where simply rearranging a room can instantly improve its appearance and effectiveness. A room layout plan (including any furniture that is to remain) drawn to scale can be provided, so that sizing requirements of any new items can then be assessed before any purchases are made. If new lighting is required, a plan can be provided and advice given on the different types appropriate for your scheme.

Bespoke furniture & furnishings

Heathcote Interiors offers a variety of bespoke services, such as painting furniture to give existing pieces a new lease of life and customizing soft furnishings, using appliquéd motifs or monograms, for example. These options help create a unique and individual scheme.

Window treatments & soft furnishings

Creative advice can be given on which styles of window treatment, fabric and furnishings would be appropriate for your scheme and contacts provided for make-up and fitting services.

Contractor recommendation & liaison

If you do not have your own preferred contractors, recommendations can be made for a small fee. (The contract for service and payment remains with the individual tradesperson and the client.)

Sourcing of furnishings and accessories

Heathcote Interiors can source and procure all furnishings, fabrics and accessories from a wide variety of suppliers, on your behalf. As an independent consultant a saving on retail prices can normally be secured.


Staging a property for sale or let is an important time and money saving process. Heathcote Interiors can offer room de-cluttering and advice on room presentation. It is essential that any property gives a good first impression to lead to a speedy sale or rental.


Mood board and design report - from £150
Design fee - from £350 per room
Contractor introduction - £35 per contractor
A fee will be charged for any scale drawings required
Travel expenses may be charged for distances over 30 miles.